Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visit to Santa

We went to the mall to visit Santa on Monday afternoon. I was glad Ella had a little bit of Santa practice first at her school party and she was really excited to go see him, especially because there would be a big Christmas tree.

Waiting to see Santa

When it was time, Ella let me put him on his lap but she did not say a word to him at all - she looked down and kind of froze in place - but, we managed to get a cute picture of her with him!

After Santa we both took a ride with her on the Merry Go Round, which is definitely on of her very favorite things to do and has become a post-Santa tradition for us :)

Playing in the cars

We had a really fun family day together, and Ella is officially ready for Santa to visit on Friday night!!


The Valentines said...

aww I LOVE all the Christmas posts. Ella is adorable! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully we can get together soon! xoxo

The Tooles said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...Ella is starting to look so "grown-up."

Mom said...

I'll never forget that first carousel ride!