Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

Having fun with Grampy

Ella ready for another camping adventure with her brownie troop 

Wax Museum - Ella worked so very hard on her Jane Goodall presentation and did awesome. We were so proud of her! 

Steve reading to Dottie 

Fancy Nancy Day at school 

Cory started off most nights in bed with Ella 

Grampy's birthday! 

Play-doh at the craft table 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break in Charlotte

Dottie at the airport, ready for her first plane flight

Cousins reunited! 

Lots of fun in the backyard of Grammy and Grampy's 

Dottie and Grant playing nicely together 

With Uncle Josh 

Best pice we could manage of the 4 of them! 

So sweet!! 

For an extra special treat, Gee Gee was also there, and we loved the chance to spend a few days with her 

Grampy and Dottie 

Dottie and Pokie 

Ella reading to Cam 

I drove over to Raleigh on Monday morning to spend a few days in the office, and Mom and Glenn watched the girls 

Grammy had some adorable photo ops of Dottie

My team (minus Allison!) 

Mom and Glenn took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a very big adventure! 

On Friday we visited the Lazy 5 Ranch and had a great time seeing the feeding the animals 

Enjoying the beautiful weather 

Cousin hugs - the absolute cutest!! 

Sleeping angel 

Ella loves spending time with the cats 

Saying goodbye