Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Cameron

Here are many more pictures of sweet Cameron on his second day -

The new family

Look at that tiny foot!

Adorable little face

Steve, Ella and Cameron

Steve, Mom and Cameron

So sweet

Grammy and Cameron

Ella managed to get a little time with Aunt Erin, she can't get enough of Erin

Erin and Cameron

Ella loves her baby cousin

I went back to visit the next weekend as well, here are some of Cameron at 1 week old -

He is just the cutest!


Rachel said...

What a beautiful little boy!!! He looks so sweet! I hope Erin is adjusting well to life with a newborn. It's a challenging but truly special time - and it goes soooo fast!

Mom said...

He is too ADORABLE!!! Praise God for the this beautiful, healthy, sweet (and very handsome) baby boy.

Aunt Erin said...

Sheesh, though these pics are not the most flattering of the new mommy, man, that baby boy is just precious! Colleen, thank you for your amazing wonderful help over the past few weeks!