Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Decorating

We decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it turns out Ella LOOOOOVES Christmas decorations. She loves Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, snowmen, santas, all of it.

And even more than seeing decorations, she likes putting them up and decorating. Here is some of her handiwork -

Hanging window clings on the back door

Glenn gave her a countdown to Christmas calendar where you put up one ornament on the tree each day, and she is quite pleased with it

And here she is doing a little pre-December Christmas calendar practice

Helping to decorate the Christmas tree

Every morning the when we go downstairs, Ella turns on the Christmas tree lights first thing. She says "I check on the Christmas tree, it's my project."

Steve put up our outside lights and she loves them as well. She asks if she can touch them and wants to know where the button is to turn them on like the Christmas tree.

Even Nomar is getting into the Christmas spirit, I wonder who took ornaments from the tree to decorate his peaceful napping spot?

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Mom said...

What a beautiful tree! Good work, Ella!