Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day

Ella slept until about 7:30 am on Christmas morning and was excited to see what Santa had brought, but seemed kind of disturbed by the idea that he had actually been in Grammy's apartment and left presents. She actually stopped short after following the candy-cane trail and dropped the stuffed animal she had been holding. Although she didn't seem too crazy about the fact that Santa had visited, she still wanted to play with all of her new toys right away.

After she fully checked out all of her gifts from Santa, she had many, many gifts to unwrap! She wanted to help everyone unwrap their gifts and wanted to play with everything as she went. I took so many pictures during the day, here are just a few of them -

Erin, Josh and Cameron came over a little later in the morning -

I don't think Cameron quite grasped the concept of Christmas...

But Ella did her best to explain it to him!

Big hug for Uncle Josh

Chatting on the phone

Ella's Grocery Store, open for business!

Mom, Glenn, Ella and Cameron

Steve, Cameron and I

Erin, Josh and Cameron

Making whipped cream after dinner with Grampy G

It was a great day. Each holiday with Ella is more special than the last, and days like Christmas are a really nice time to stop and reflect on how blessed we are, not just with the loved ones we were able to celebrate with, but the rest of our families as well. Ella is one very loved little girl, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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