Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Pics

Many pictures and videos from May --

We actually managed to get Dottie to participate in tummy time - although she didn't seem content unless at least half her body was in the Barbie house at all times!

Helping us clean up :)

Eating waffles for the first time - with lots of gusto!

Before swim practice one afternoon - these two are just the sweetest together

Having fun in her jumper

At swim practice, having fun with "Big Baby", Jocelyn's baby doll (hard to tell them apart!)

Build-a-Bear Night with her Daisy troop 

At Ella's Mother's Day Tea at school

And the adorable song that her class sang

Tera and I after our afternoon at the spa in Lake Charles - it was awesome!

Many pictures from Mother's Day. It was a really nice day - we had Mom here with us, and we went to church, had breakfast out, and a relaxing afternoon. 

Grammy and Dottie looking adorable together

Ella all glammed up after a birthday party at Sweet and Sassy

We hosted the MSS crawfish boil again this year - Ella got right up there and ate some of them!

VERY happy when it's almost time to eat!

Dottie's first time swimming - this is my current favorite picture!

Beautiful girls

Sweet Dottie

Dottie-selfie :)

Fun at the splash pad

Crazy hair-dos

Happy girl 

I thought this was really clever - Ella made all of the pieces for her 'lunch' 

And a VERY big day for Ella. She had her first sleepover at Addy's house. They had been planning this for months and it lived up to all of Ella's expectations. She was completely exhausted the next day but well worth it and I was really happy that she had such a great first sleepover experience.  

Don't they look sleepy?? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend in Galveston

We spent Memorial Day weekend with the Callaways at their beach house, and had such a great weekend. This was at the end of our May with of tons and tons of rain, and the forecast looked horrible, but we ended up lucking out and got plenty of time outside 

Adorable cuties on the beach

Ella and James spent a ton of time swimming

Dottie spent lots of time on a blanket playing and looking around :)

Roasting hot dogs for dinner on Saturday night


We had rain on Sunday so we went to the Children's Museum, which turned out to be a really neat place with lots to do. Steve and Ella built this car in the workshop area (Pinewood Derby flashbacks!!)

Fishing in the waterway 

Not a big fan of the fishing

Hunting for hermit crabs

This picture sums up Ella and Dottie's relationship. Dottie having the time of her life while Ella tries to hold her, digging fingers in her belly. Couldn't be cuter.