Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

Erin had her baby on Saturday, December 4th! She was 5 days past her due date so was really ready for the sweet little guy to make his arrival. We probably exchanged about 100 texts that week about her impending labor and on Friday it seemed like that was really going to be "it".

The timing worked out great because she went into labor on Friday night around 8pm, and I was able to head out and get to Charlotte by midnight. I spent several hours with them in the hospital, and I'm so glad I got to have that time with Erin and Josh. I went back to stay at their house and take care of their pets, and Mom arrived on a flight by 7am.

Erin and Josh kept us updated and by 10am, Mom, Dad, Josh's mom Nancy and I were all at the hospital, and Erin gave birth at 1:28 pm. They named him Cameron Maguire, he was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long, and an absolute angel.

The beautiful Mommy and her sweet baby boy

Proud Daddy

Look at that sweet face!

Grandad and his first grandson

Grammy and Cameron

Holding my nephew for the first time

I was so proud of Erin. She was in labor for almost 18 hours and was such a champ. I am so excited that we're both mommies now.

Steve was awesome, he helped me get packed up on Friday night so that I could pretty much sprint out the door (I was in the middle of giving Ella a bath and didn't even finish!), and then he drove to Charlotte and brought Ella on Saturday afternoon so they were able to meet Cameron just a few hours after he was born. Ella absolutely loves her baby cousin. She's been excited about him for months and was very interested in him. She wanted to touch him and give him many kisses and just couldn't get enough of him. We did our best to try to reel her in!

Dad with Ella and Cameron

I will definitely always remember Cameron's birthday, and I am so excited to be an aunt!!


Dad said...

"Aunt Colleen" - you're a wonderful daughter, great Mom, terrific wife, super sister and now a joyful aunt! Great post, Colleen! Thanks for posting and for all of the terrific photos!

Rachel said...

Congratulations to Erin and Josh on becoming parents and to you, Colleen, on becoming an aunt! Cameron is precious!! That's so wonderful that you were all able to be there to share in such an amazing moment.

Mom said...

What a wonderful, blessed, happy day! Cameron is a beautiful, beautiful baby. Thank you for capturing all of it for us, Colleen. Most of all, thank you for getting to Charlotte so quickly (thank you Steve)and being there for Erin and Josh. I know it meant so much for Erin to have her big sister there. My daughters and sons make me the proudest Grammy in the world.