Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We went to Charlotte for Christmas to celebrate with Mom and Glenn, and Erin, Josh and Cameron. Ella was incredibly excited for our trip. She kept saying "is it time to go to Charlotte?" and was just so happy and excited. We went on the Thursday before Christmas and stayed until Tuesday, so it was a nice long trip and we had a great time.

Some pics from Christmas Eve, check out this adorable little Santa!

Sleepy Santa

Cranky Santa

Some pictures before church

We went to the 6pm church service based on schedules and nap time, and it worked out so well. Cameron slept through the entire church service, but got lots of oohs and aahs from people walking by. Ella is not used to sitting with us during church because she goes to nursery at our church, but she did great. There was a moment when she suddenly broke out in to singing "Old MacDonald" during a relatively silent part, but I actually thought that was pretty darn cute :).

Me and my silly girl

Mom cooked a great meal that we enjoyed after church and then we got prepared for Christmas!

Stockings over the fireplace

All ready for Christmas morning!

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