Monday, September 14, 2015

Dottie's 1st Birthday Weekend

Dottie turned 1 on Friday, August 21st! It's really hard to believe she is already a year old, this year has flown by.  

Official 1st Birthday Wake-Up Pictures

Clearly Ella, Steve and I were a little more excited than sleepy Dottie who had no idea what all the fuss was about:)

Playing with her new toy from Myranda

Ella had some big plans in her mind for Dottie's party on Saturday so on Friday afternoon she got right down to the business of working on building her DJ station. She made a bunch of speakers from boxes and a friend loaned us some disco lights to use. 

Adorable birthday girl brushing her hair

Mom, Glenn and Kelly all came in for the weekend to celebrate with us. It was so nice to have them and made the weekend that much more special. 

We all went out to dinner the night of Dottie's birthday. Eating and music = Dottie's favorite things 

Ella loves her root beer :)

Having so much fun dancing and clapping to the music

With Aunt Kelly on Saturday

Having fun with her birthday gift from Grandma and Grandad

Ready for the party! 
I tried to get pics of the two of them sitting together but Dottie is much too busy for that, so this is the best we could do :)

Sweet kisses

So beautiful in her birthday dress from Grammy

Ella at her DJ station

Dottie hanging with the big girls :). She had so much fun and wanted to play with them the whole time. 

Awesome birthday gift from Julia and Jocelyn - big baby!!

Could she be any cuter?

Time for cake! 

She was completely baffled about why she was sitting in her high chair with a party hat on and we were all just looking at her

The 4 of us - if only Dottie knew what was coming she'd be a lot smilier!

And finally - getting to eat the cake

Water break with Uncle Paco

The cake was definitely a hit!

On her new elephant toy from Aunt Kelly

Fun with balloons with Daddy

Girls afternoon - manicures and pedicures on Sunday 

Swimming on Sunday afternoon 

It was such a great weekend for Dottie's birthday. She was happy and enjoyed all of it, and it was really a special weekend and great family time. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August Pics

A bunch of pics from August

Steve and Dottie - so sweet together!

Happy girl 

Grammy and Dottie in the pool 

Scrumptious little turkey body in the shower - she loves any chance she gets to be in the water :) 

And those buns!! 

Sweet baby 

Getting good at crawling - and perfecting the talent of "if there's a speck of anything on the ground that she shouldn't be playing with, she'll find it!"

Pretty sunrise and full moon in the morning 

Sweetest 7 year old ever :) 

Fun at the playground 

And Ella is proud of her new talent - instead of going hand to hand on each bar, now she can go hand over hand on the monkey bars; AND was able to get across on the side rails

Steve and I went to Galveston for the weekend for our 13th anniversary, and Mom watched the girls for us. We had a wonderful time and got to relax and enjoy for the weekend. Beautiful view from our balcony.

Ella started a Jazz class a few weeks ago, she is really enjoying it!

Special visitor in Dottie's crib

Looking awfully cute on the patio at Grammy's - now that she is mobile, she cannot be contained and has to be free to roam!

Ella sleeping, so adorable

Erin got Dottie this adorable onesie - it has her photo on it and says "Walking is overrated - when you're this cute, you get carried." It is adorable and Dottie looks so cute in it. I was trying to get a picture of her to send to Erin but she kept crawling away. Finally I put her in her high chair - pretty much the only way to keep her in one place for a few minutes!

 Communicating with Cory up against the window :)

Big fun at a sleepover at Sophie's house

Sleeping angel baby 

Notice the little hand reaching through getting ready to end her peaceful sleep :/ 

She was really proud of herself for making it into the spot under her high chair 

So adorable in the bath together!