Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre-Christmas Fun

I mentioned before that Ella is really, really, really into Christmas decorations. This also includes all things related to Christmas, and about two weeks ago I mentioned to her something about Christmas day and she said "we're having Christmas again?" and I realized that she thinks all the peripheral stuff is actually Christmas.

I explained that this is just Christmas-time, but that Christmas day would be here soon. So I think now she definitely realizes Christmas is a specific day that is going to be very exciting, but is still taking advantage of every bit of pre-Christmas fun she can.

With her holiday snowman globe from Grampy G

Wrapping the gifts for her teachers - she did most of the work!

Taking a break from her wrapping to do some "knifing" - she spent over 30 minutes with her little tiny knife cutting through scrap pieces of wrapping paper. I couldn't believe how much she concentrated on it and every time I would ask her if she wanted to do something else she would tell me "maybe later, I still knifing."

Making Christmas cookies with Daddy. They made Mexican Wedding Cookies and Ella thought it was hysterical to give names to the different shapes she would make. She made a puppy, a dinosaur, and then she decided her specialty was the "snacky patty." We never figured out why she called it that but she would flatten it out like a little pancake and call it a "snacky patty", followed by intense laughter at her humor.

Posing in front of the tree with her Christmas puppy. This guy plays a rousing version of Jingle Bells and one night when I was saying goodnight to Ella she was snuggling with him and I said how much I liked him and what a good puppy he was, and she told me not to miss him because during the night she'd wake up and come play him by my face (!!). Luckily she has not carried through on that promise yet. We do frequently hear him long after Ella's been tucked in though :).

It's really neat to see everything through her eyes and how much fun she gets out of the littlest things - every day is truly an adventure!

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Mom said...

What a precious little girl...who loves her own jokes. I get that.
Every day with Ella is a hoot. She's so much fun.