Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinosaur Hatching

Lately Ella is really interested the process of how things happen, like what happens to the sun at night, watering plants to see if they'll grow, why she can't touch the sky, etc. Mom and Glenn got her this dinosaur egg that you submerge in water for a few days and it slowly hatches and then a dinosaur comes out. Mom set it up for her one night several weeks ago, and I really just couldn't believe how excited she got about it.

This is Day 1, she wanted to set it up on the kitchen table so she could watch the bowl and make sure she didn't miss any of the action.

Here's a video of her telling me about her dinosaur and what she'll do with him when he hatches!

It was almost 3 days before he hatched, and every day she would check on him first thing, do lots of talking about him and his progress, and was just amazingly excited about the whole process.

When he finally hatched, we came down that morning and she checked on him and his shell was completely cracked and he was in the water. She couldn't believe her luck!

Here is a video of her very carefully checking things out...

She decided he needed a bath and then a snack because he was hungry for some breakfast. She gave him some of the grapes from her birdhouse from Donna. She told me "the birds will share, okay Mommy?"

After giving him the royal treatment, she brought him everywhere with her for several hours and was really sweet and careful with him. But I guess she got tired of him because she dropped him off on the nightstand next to my side of the bed, and then she never wanted anything to do with him again! Poor little guy, but he definitely provided a few days of serious excitement in the meantime :)

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