Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party at School

Monday was Ella's Christmas party at school, and I had taken the day off, so we spent the morning together and then went to school just for the party.

Making a gingerbread 'wall'

Enjoying her hard work!

Santa came to visit and I was really surprised because Ella was one of the only children that would sit on his lap. She sat frozen like a little statue but I was really proud of her willingness to give it a try!

Ella and Gillian, one of her very best buds. I think she mentions Gillian at least 30 times a day. They wanted me to take about 50 pictures of them in various hugs and poses, then they would cheer and laugh after getting to see each one, and would then say "AGAIN!"

Building a tower of blocks

It was nice to get to see Ella play with her friends and even better to get to leave to spend the afternoon together!

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Mom said...

They're so cute together!