Friday, December 31, 2010

More Charlotte Photos

More from our trip to Charlotte -

Erin and Josh got Ella a microphone for Christmas and I told Ella we couldn't set it up until everyone was awake for the day so here she is singing on it battery-free early the next morning :)

Tummy time for Cameron

Ella is SO SWEET with Cameron. She is so gentle with him, very interested in him, and tries to take care of him in any way that she can.

Helping Grammy burp him

Holding his hand to comfort him

Giving him his pacifier

Grammy and Cameron

Erin reading a book to Ella

Fast asleep after a busy day!

Cameron holding Steve's finger

All curled up on Erin

Ella can't think of anything better than going to "Grammy's apartment" as she calls it, and I think it's because she literally plays all day from the minute she wakes up until she goes to bed, with some breaks in there for eating and maybe a nap (although she even manages to turn nap time into an adventure there!) Well add that plus all her new toys from Christmas, and she was in heaven.

Playing with her new Barbie castle from Aunt Teresa

Aunt Jackie, Uncle Craig and Cayla, Cammi, and Gavin gave Ella a Cinderella doll, accessories and many princesses, which quickly moved into the barbie castle. For some reason Ella calls Cinderella "the old lady", my guess is it's because she's much bigger than the other princesses.

Princesses at the party

Mom got Ella a cash register, wallet and toys to set-up a grocery store, and Ella wants to play "shopping" all the time. Aunt Michelle sent her a computer (which she loves saying "I have a 'puter too!") and Ella wants the computer right by her store set-up. She insists on wearing her shopkeeper's apron - which has a nametag that says "My Name is Ella" and likes to help her customers -

More cute ones of Cameron -

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Aunt Erin said...

What a GREAT Christmas!