Monday, October 19, 2009

Ella Knows...

Month 24:
- New objects she can point out in her book:
tambourine, backpack, clock, lunchbox, coat, flowers, mouse, puppets, school bus, trucks, slide, swing

Month 23

- She always calls herself "me" or says "I'm me". Today on the way home from church when we asked her name she said "Elllla" (with the L very drawn out)
- Pictures on the fridge she will point out and say "Mommy, Daddy, me"

- Shopping at the store - at the row of babydolls she said "baby"; at the phone toys she said "phone"
- What sound does a dog make? And she says "woof woof woof"

- We are working on teaching Ella to say her name. She knows that she is Ella because when you say "who is Ella?" or "where is Ella?" she will always point to herself, but doesn't say it. Tonight I asked her "what is your name?" and she pointed to herself proudly and insistently, and said "me" :)

- Climbing up the stairs by herself holding on to the railing
- Playing with her Little People dollhouse - can put her baby to bed, on the potty, in the bath, and on the computer

Month 22

- We were sitting on the couch together and I asked Ella if she could make me a cup of tea. She went over to her kitchen set, opened the cabinet, realized her tea set wasn't there, so she went to look for it. She found it in her toy box, got it out and brought me a cup of 'tea'.

- Trick-or-treating! She quickly got the hang of walking up to the door and getting a piece of candy for her bucket.

Welcome to Ella Knows
Similar to "Ella Says", Ella Knows... will be a compiled ongoing list of things that Ella knows, understands, does, etc. It's a consolidated list for my record-keeping to keep track of and record it all in one place. Use the link on the side of the blog to view the most recently updated list at any time.

As of October 19, 2009

Instructions she can follow
- Put her cup in the fridge (I open the door)
- Put her shoes in the shelf under changing table/ get her shoes; get a matching pair
- Put her toys away in her toy boxes; she will keep going until she puts all of them away
- Throw something away in the garbage
- Wipe up a spill
- Pick out a book to read
- Go upstairs
- Bring something to us

Body parts she can point out (in roughly the order she learned them):
belly button

She can identify the following toys in the tub:
- Duck
- Cup
- Bottle
- Cap
- Whale
- Train (and she says 'chugga chugga chugga')
- Bubbles
She can 'pull the plug' to drain the water


- She can take off her shoes and socks
- She can pull a skirt off (not pants though)
- She 'helps' pull her shirt off

Cute Stuff:
- When I ask 'how old are you?' she will hold up 1 finger
- When I ask 'how much does mommy love you?' she stretches both her arms and reaches them to the sky
- She says tickle-tickle and tickles her own toes
- When I say "let's go", she walks right to the front door
- When I say "time to eat", she goes over her high chair and waits to be picked up

She also knows how to:
- How to color
- How to take the cap off a pen and write with it
- How to brush her hair
- In books, can point out pictures of dog, cat, bird, flower, moon, star
- Knows what it means when it's time for "night-nights" or "nappies"
- Gives hugs, kisses, waves hi and good-bye
- Give high-fives, fist bumps, and shake hands

I'm sure I'm leaving out so much, but this is a start! Hopefully I'll get this list cleaned up over time but for now am glad to have it started and all in one place.

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Mom said...

So sweet - I love knowing what she's up to every day. I can't wait to see her.