Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dominic's Birthday Party

Ella's buddy Dominic turned two a few weekends ago, and my friend Christine had his party at Marbles, the kids museum downtown

Ella giving me a ride in this car. She said "Mommy, I drive and you ride in back." Deal!

Playing in the kitchen

Painting with water with Dominic

Ella and Morgan. Ella is very fascinated by Morgan and calls her "baby Morgan" every single time she mentions her. Whenever Laurie leaves Morgan home for our walks, Ella asks her where baby Morgan is and why she hasn't come. Laurie patiently explains that since she is a baby she eats and takes a bath and goes to sleep early. This satisfies Ella for about two minutes before she asks again :). At Dominic's party Ella got the chance to play with Morgan and pretend to feed her a bottle and lots of "I be very gentle." Later she told me "I love babies because I just want to pet them." Heeheee!

The birthday boy in his conductor's hat and train cake. Happy Birthday Dominic!!

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Christine said...

So glad you guys had fun!