Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Funny Girl

Ella cracks me up on a daily basis with the funny things that she says. Here are a few that I've written down over the last few weeks. I hope I remember this phase forever, I don't think there's anything better than the conversations and chats that we have. She is alternately so serious and other times just extremely silly. Her facial expressions, eyes and gestures just make it priceless.

We were up early one morning and Ella was hungry so we ate breakfast first thing. She asked me if we were going to play next and I said that after breakfast we were were going to get dressed and then it'd be time to get ready for school. She said "No, wait a second! It's too dark! Look at our crazy hairs together - we need a ponytail!"

We were coloring and I would draw shapes and then ask her what they were. She got all of them right - circle, star, heart, square, triangle. Then she said "now I draw a shape for you." She drew the "shape" and asked me what it was. I couldn't tell but it sort of resembled a triangle so that is what I guessed. She said "nope, it's a mirror!" (ha, how did I not guess mirror, that's one of the most common shapes!?)

Another time Ella was drawing and told me that she drew a dinosaur, then a bunny, then another picture, which she asked me to guess what it was. I said "Is it Cory?" and she got very excited and said very animatedly, "Goo-ood job Mommy!" She drew another one and I said "Is it Nomar?" and again she got really happy and said "Gooood job Mommy!" The next one I guessed "is it Mommy?" and she said "Nope, it's Daddy. Don't be sad!

I was crumbling up a piece of paper to throw it out while I was cleaning up Ella's room and she said "Mommy, don't throw that out! I colored it! I colored it at Grammy's! Don't throw it out!" I told her I was so sorry and didn't realize it was important to her and of course I won't throw it out. She said "It's okay Mommy, it was your accident."

One of the things we do that Ella loves is that I'll say something that doesn't make sense for the time of day or season, and she gets the biggest kick out of it. So at night when I'm tucking her in I'll say "is it time to go eat breakfast?" or "should we put on our bathing suits and head to the beach?" and she thinks it's hysterical. If it's something we actually did that day she'll say really dramatically, "Nooo, we already did eat breakfast!" or "Nooo I already went to school" or "yes, let's go swimming! get our suits!" And then she pipes in with her own too, she'll say "let's go to the playground! let's go to a party" and just laughs and laughs.

She was telling me how she plays Ring Around the Roses with Tess and Gillian and I said that sounds like so much fun and she said "Yea! Because we're really best friends!"

Ella had a bug bite on her arm and another one on her foot. We put "medicine" on them but then she was horrified when some cream got on her shirt, so she asked me to roll up her sleeves. Then she looked at her pants and said "roll up my toe-sleeves too please."

After I plugged her night light in - "Now I'm super happy. This is super awesome!"

"Don't tell me questions." She says this when she gets tired of answering my questions!

At school they were talking about their pets so she got to take in a picture of her with Cory and another one of Cory and Nomar. She wanted to hold the pictures after school and said to me "I showed my pictures to all my friends. They said 'awwww.'"

One night after her third "one more trip to the potty" after bedtime, I said "Ok, this is it, after this it is time to go to sleep, with no more nonsense." - not really thinking she'd know what I meant but it just came out. But she surprised me and said "Yes. I not yell for my mommy, I will stay in my bed, snuggle with my animals, and go to sleep. You be so proud!" I couldn't believe it!

What a sweet funny girl!!

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Mom said...

This is a riot! She is so funny, there's nothing like seeing those expressions and hearing the tone in her voice. So wise for such a tender age!