Monday, October 25, 2010


This past Friday night we carved our pumpkins (notice my very loose use of the word "we"...). Ella was very excited about the prospect of making jack-o-lanterns and told us how she 'would not cut them, but would scoop them!' since she's not allowed to use a knife.

Ready to carve!

Although she was prepared for the idea of scooping the seeds and pumpkin strings, when she figured out what that meant, she had second thoughts...

I thought maybe she'd do better if she didn't have to get her hands dirty so I told her she could wear some "gloves" (= sandwich bags)

After watching Grammy do it for a while she got brave and was ready to really get to work.

Once the pumpkins were all scooped out, Steve got to work carving.

Steve did an incredible job with them, I think they came out great. One of them had a really thick stem and it's walls were inches thick, it was a major effort to carve it. They came out awesome though, here they are!


Now we are officially ready for Halloween!


Mom said...

They really are something! Great job, Steve.

Aunt Erin said...

too cute! They look awesome!