Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party at School

Our Halloween weekend started off with a Halloween party at Ella's school on Friday afternoon.

Ella was so excited for the party and the night before kept telling us how when she woke up the next day it was time for HER party. We told her that she had to get through lunch and nap time first and we didn't know how she'd make it through the day because she was so excited.

Little ladybug, ready to party!

Ella and Tess, her best bud at school - they play together all the time and Ella talks about her constantly. Tess asked me to take a picture of them together and put her arm around Ella's shoulder. After I took a few pictures she said "Ella, now it's your turn to put your arm around me." And Ella did! It was so cute.

The kids went trick-or-treating to all the other classrooms, so it was good trick-or-treating practice for Halloween night

Me and my ladybug

Back in the classroom, enjoying the first of many treats this weekend!

Steve and Ella

It was such a nice start to Halloween weekend and so neat to see Ella having so much fun with her friends and teachers at school!

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Aunt Erin said...

OMG...what a PRECIOUS lady bug!