Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Mom, Ella and I went to Hollyfest on Saturday. It is our town's fall festival, and always falls on Halloween weekend. This is the second year we've gone and is definitely something I want to keep going to each year.

On the elephant ride

As soon as she got off the ride she said 'now I want to go on the slide.' I was a little nervous about the slide because she'd have to go all by herself and there were a ton of big kids on it. I thought she might get about half way up and change her mind and I'd be climbing up there to get her down. But she was sure she wanted to try and so we hopped in line.

They let 7 kids on at a time, and she happened to be at the very beginning of the line. So there was a procession of 6 big kids behind her, but she still climbed right up there, I could barely believe it. I felt like I was bursting with pride at how adventurous she was in climbing up there and charging to the top. She slid down and as soon as she got to the bottom she said "I want to do it again!"

The second time she ended up walking up by herself because the big kids all went around her, and I caught a video of her climbing up.

At the top

For some reason she decided to go down face first this time - here she goes!

When she got to the bottom this time she said "I want to go on something else", so we were off for some jumping in the jump castle.

She jumped, went on the playground, and then we went to the petting zoo section.

And Hollyfest is not complete without the pig races!!


Grampy-G said...

I see hockey in her future! Quite the brave and adventurous young lady.

Mom said...

That brings tears to my eyes. She is so funny/perfect/beautiful/joyful/onandonandon....
What fun it is to be with her.

Dad said...

Ella is braver than I was at her age. She looked so cute sliding down!

Aunt Erin said...

OMG...I was laughing aloud watching her climb up that slide with her little fanny in the air with her huge pink skirts! ...and then sliding down on her face all sprawled out...OMG, that was just adorable.