Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party

My friend Susan had a little Halloween party for the girls on Saturday morning. After cleaning some pudding and skittles from Ella's ladybug costume on Friday night, I decided we were putting the ladybug away until Halloween night, and made an impromptu princess costume instead.

Ella was quite happy with it and said she was dressed up as "pink." Not too far from the truth!

Catching butterflies

The very popular bubble maker


Making a necklace. This was no easy feat but I ended up finishing it for her (modified version!) and she wore it later in the day

Using our best child-wrangling skills, we managed to get the four of them to sit together for a picture

Having fun on the teeter-totter

This picture made me think of Ella and Elise on Halloween 2 years ago. Here they were on the teeter-totter then...

It is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone but at the same time it really seems like forever ago that Ella was a baby.

After our fun time at Susan's we headed over to Mom's to pick her up and head to Hollyfest!

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Mom said...

This is all so precious...isn't it amazing how such a little person can be so much fun?