Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Trot

Yesterday afternoon we went to the "Turkey Trot" for Noah's Landing, which is our church's nursery program. It was a fundraiser for a local food bank and we met at a park and walked the trail around the lake. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a really nice time.

Checking out the ducks


Had enough of the stroller...must.ride.on.Daddy's.shoulders!

Then Ella decided she needed to walk on her own...which resulted in many more stops along the way!


Where's Ella?

After some juice and cookies at the end, we got in some playground time

Videos of Ella going down the slide

Climbing with Ryanne


Aunt Erin said...

I love how she says "hi" on her way down. What a sweet baby. I can't wait to see her in a few days!

Grampy-G said...

OK...that's it!

Grampy- G will no longer listen to the wise advice of the naysayers who would put a damper on the full size outdoor moon bounce and super slide with crash helmet!

No more little weenie toys!

If Ella likes slides...SLIDES it will be.