Monday, November 9, 2009

No Fun

Ella has somehow caught a virus called Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, which is thankfully much less serious than it sounds, but still no fun at all.

She has blisters on her hands and feet and some in her mouth but we can't see them because she won't really let us look in there. Apparently it's a really common childhood disease that adults really don't catch because we've got the antibodies against it. The doctor's office said not to bring her in because she's acting okay and doesn't have a fever, and to just give her cool easy foods to eat and lots of fluids. Her favorite so far has been juice popsicles and she's even learned to say "pop" for the occasion.

For the most part she's acting okay but has been cranky off and on. And tonight she did say "toes ow" and pointed to her blisters, and sometimes she'll be opening her mouth really wide to smile or laugh and then will say "ow" and close it.

Here's the little patient managing to have some fun


Poor little girl, I hope she feels back to normal soon!!


Mom said...

That's soooo sad!
I think in my day we called it 'hoof and mouth disease.' I'm pretty sure you guys had it.

The Tooles said...

Hope your little lady feeling better soon. Although, I'm sure she'll STILL be asking for a "pop" even when she is back to normal=)

wannarun said...

Sorry to hear Ella's not doing so well. She's in good hands though and I'm sure she'll be her "old" self in not time!


Colleen said...

Thanks guys!

She is doing much better today and although the blisters are still there, she seemed to feel really good and was back to her silly happy self again :).