Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ella has many tricks up her sleeve but her current favorite seems to be making things disappear on us. On Sunday afternoon I wanted to take a picture of my favorite little subject, but could not find my camera anywhere. My camera is never far away and there are about 2 or 3 places I keep it, always downstairs and I always know where it is. I looked around in all my usual places, but no camera.

Extra worrisome was the fact that I had done a garage sale on Saturday morning and the only piece of electronics I did not sell was my old digital camera, so I was beginning to worry that maybe the 'reason' I hadn't sold it was God telling me that I'd be needing to use it since my excellent camera was now missing. I've never misplaced it before and was getting worried I had thrown it out in the middle of packing and unpacking boxes from the garage sale.

We were wondering if Ella might have gotten it and put it somewhere so last night I looked through all her toys - I checked in the cargo holders of her riding toys, her toy boxes, her kitchen cabinets, etc., but no camera. Resigning myself to camera phone and old digital camera for a while, I was just hoping and praying it'd turn up, and sooner rather than later.

This morning around 11am Steve called to tell me that he doesn't know where she had gotten it from, but Ella had my camera! So she must have gone into her secret stash and produced it! I felt waves of relief and about 10 pounds lighter. Now I must locate her hiding place, I'm assuming we'll find a bunch of barettes, singleton socks and sippy cup lids in there (...or not, but these all have a way of disappearing at light speed!!).

Tonight the phone rang and Steve wasn't able to find it - when he finally did, it was in the drawer of my nightstand - Ella strikes again!

She also managed yesterday to get a hold of a box of our wedding photo proofs and scatter them all over the computer room floor - that was more of a slight-of-hand trick I suppose. Then again, I can't be sure, because a magician should never reveal their secrets.

And for some REAL magic, at least in the eyes of my precious 22 month old, I present to you - MAGNETS - Ella's newest delight :).



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Mom said...

That's a riot! I can't wait to hear how much fun "April's Fools" trix on the parents will be!