Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Biggest Feather

Steve finished working early today so he was able to pick Ella up after school. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when they got home and Ella beelined into the kitchen and as soon as I gave her a kiss she held up her pinkie finger to show me a (very) little cut on it.

I asked how she got it and she said she needed to tell me in the office. We went into the office and she closed the door, very serious.

Here is the story:

"We were working on a project and I took the biggest feather because that's the one I wanted. T (boy in her class) said he wanted the biggest feather but I told him he couldn't have it. Then he cut me with his scissors!"

Me: "What??" He cut you with scissors?! Then what happened?"

Ella: "He said OH NO, OH NO, we need to go tell the teacher!"

So they went to tell their teacher who wrote up an incident report about it and Ella decided to give him the big feather because he wanted it. I told her she didn't have to give him the feather just because he wanted it but it was really nice of her to share.

And then, the part that really made me crack up: "I had to. He really wanted the big feather. He tried to cut that finger right off my hand!"

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