Tuesday, July 3, 2012

St. Martin - 10th Anniversary Vacation

Steve and I went to St. Martin to celebrate our 10th anniversary a few months early! Our 10th anniversary is on August 10th, but with our work schedules and upcoming move, August was not good timing, so we decided to go in June, and we left on my birthday and Father's Day. 

We went to St. Martin for our honeymoon and again 5 years later for Steve's 30th birthday. It's been another 5 years and so when we were planning a 10th anniversary trip, decided we had to go back one more time, and we stayed at the same property we stayed at for our honeymoon. 

Usually I am terrible about taking pictures when Ella is not with me, but I made an effort to take some, even though I was missing my favorite photo subject!

On our first day, outside the reception building

We stayed in a villa and each building had 4 villas that shared a pool. We were the only ones in our building so had the pool to ourselves the whole week!

Our view from the breakfast restaurant at the hotel

These little kitties were our buddies for the week. I named the orange one Jessie and the black one we just called "the kitten" - we fed them a few times a day and did our best to keep them out of our room, which was not easy because they were very determined to spend as much time with us as possible. They were so sweet, and fun little vacation pets.

The beach was absolutely beautiful - it was just a few steps down the trail from the hotel and there we were!

We rented a car so we were able to get around the island a good deal (I didn't drive!). We visited a few different towns and had some great meals, went to see a band and a casino one night, and spent a day in Phillipsburg on the Dutch side.

Beautiful view from lunch

It was a really wonderful trip, such a break from the 'real world' and well needed time with just Steve and I. We were so fortunate to be able to take the trip, I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate 10 years!


sharon said...

How beautiful! And kitties, too! Happy 10th Anniversary!

The Tooles said...

Glad you were able to get away and celebrate 10 years together. Looks beautiful. I think Justin and I are going on a cruise next year for our 10 year...what we did on our honeymoon. Looks like we think alike.