Thursday, July 5, 2012

Party Time with Grammy and Grampy G

While Steve and I were enjoying our time in St. Martin, Ella was living it up for the week with Mom and Glenn. They went on their own vacation to the beach in Galveston and it was party time!

Mom came for the weekend before we left and then Glenn met them at the beach a few days later. They stayed at a hotel right on the beach and had lots of fun on the beach and swimming in the pool, a trip to Rainforest Cafe, and a whole day at Schlitterbahn, a big water park in Galveston.

It was hard getting updates from Ella because she never really felt like talking on the phone whenever I would call, but Mom kept me well updated. And did Ella reveal to me once we got home that talking on the phone was worth 10 skittles from Grammy, so you would think she would've been a little more chatty, but oh well!

A few pictures from their time together -

Fun at the water park

Looking adorable after her new haircut

Enjoying Grammy's iPad at their hotel

Sleeping angel

I am so glad that Ella got to have so much fun while we were on vacation, it made it so nice to be able to enjoy our time away and know that Ella is so well taken care of and having so much fun!


Dad said...

I'm wondering who had the better time on vacation. It must be a tie!

sharon said...

I must have forgotten to tell her to not mention the Skittles.
It was a great trip, we had so much fun with her!