Monday, July 23, 2012

Swimming Videos

Ella is becoming quite the little swimmer this summer - between her lessons each week and getting so much practice in our apartment pool on the weekends, she is really learning so much and continues to amaze me with how far she has come. 

Here are some videos from the last few weeks -

This one is at swim lessons last week. It's horrible quality but really shows her using her arms and making big arm circles in the water.

Also at her lesson, jumping in, swimming a little bit, and then diving down for a toy, which is one of the last things they do each week and is usually her favorite part.

And from our apartment pool last weekend, swimming back and forth to the steps by herself

Going under water to get one of her toy frogs

I am so proud of my little fish!!

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Mom said...

OMGoodness; that's just amazing! She IS a little fish!