Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frogs and a Rainbow

It rained for almost two straight weeks of rain at the beginning of July, including three weekends, and almost every weekday in between. It was a nice break from the heat but we were happy to see the sun again when the rain stopped.

One afternoon I was walking Cory and noticed what appeared to be hundreds and hundreds of crickets. They were tiny and black and jumping all over the place. And then I realized that they were actually baby frogs! We have a pond (= retention basin) in the middle of our apartment complex, and I think that with all the water, thousands of baby frogs hatched and then when the pond started to dry up, they all started heading out to live their little lives. As a result, we had baby frogs everywhere!  

I knew Ella would think it was very cool so I made a video on my phone and showed it to her as soon as I picked her up. She was really excited about my discovery and said she wanted to go on a 'frog hunt' the minute we got home.

She wasn't crazy about catching the frogs, she mostly likes to supervise and give me instructions (hurry up! over here, quick quick!) but she did like to hold them once I put them in her hand.

We made a makeshift habitat for them with grass, dirt and a water dish, and Ella loved watching them and checking them out in the box.  

And for the best part of the day - All of a sudden, Ella yelled out "Ohhhhh, a RAINBOW!!!" and we saw her very first rainbow. It was really beautiful and it was so neat to watch her reaction and see how much she enjoyed looking at it.

We walked a bit to see it from different angles and I thought it was really neat how it was an upside down rainbow. I haven't seen one in years either, so it was special for me too.

Ella wanted to bring the box of frogs into the house, but settled on the patio, and was so proud to show them off to Steve when he got home that night.

We let them all go in the morning and then had another frog hunt that day and the next...those lucky little frogs!

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