Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to the Beach

We went back to the beach with friends at the end of  June for another fun weekend. We rented a house overlooking the beach and although it was not the best weather for a trip to the beach, had a really awesome time. 

Ella LOVES the beach :)

Some cute pictures of the kids playing together - 

Galveston is not going to win any awards in a beautiful beach contest - there is tons of seaweed, the sand is nowhere near white, and the water is gray instead of blue. There was SO much seaweed this weekend, that I even googled it when I got home to see if there is some explanation for all this seaweed (there actually is and it is a floating type that starts all the way off the coast of Europe and travels up the gulf stream each year, ending up in the Gulf of Mexico each summer). 

But one neat thing about it is that there's a lot of tiny sea life, or 'sea creatures' as Ella likes to call them that live in the seaweed. Our neighbor for the weekend let us use this glass bowl and showed us how to shake out the seaweed to catch the creatures, and it was pretty amazing. We caught lots of shrimp and baby redfish. The kids loved it and spent lots of time catching "hoppers" as Ella called them. 

There were also many clams, I'm guessing they collected several hundred of them in this bucket and never got tired of watching each one dig a hole and bury itself in the sand!

Not sure what they had collected in this one but it was obviously very interesting to them!

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Mom said...

So cute! Seaside adventures with friends...that's the best!