Friday, May 4, 2012

Writings and Drawings

Ella makes a lot of wonderful masterpieces between her pictures, drawings, writing, crafts, projects at school, etc...I keep a lot of them, but there is just no way to keep them all, so I take pictures of the ones that I would like to have a record of, but that aren't quite in the "keeper" category -- much easier to save a file than all that paper to add to my many memorabilia boxes :).

I love to see the progression of her learning in how she writes, draws, paints, and does projects - here are some neat ones from the last few months -

House with windows and door and a person inside

Her drawings of  people have distinguishable features now and there are lots of different parts to her scenes - sky at the top, ground at the bottom, people in the middle, etc.


She loves using stencils, here's a big ladybug she stenciled and colored in.

Her "blooming garden"

Writing her numbers

Clock worksheet, beginning to learn about the basics of telling time

Another math worksheet... she is starting to understand addition, I was very proud of this one :)

This one is neat because the instructions said to draw 3 worms, and although she didn't go with 3 worms up top, drew the 3 pencils on the bottom :)

Many "Ella"'s - she's an expert on this one!

Working on her letters  - when she puts her mind to it, she can write almost every letter in the alphabet

Writing some of her sight words and practicing those pesky "K"s, which are one of her trickiest letters

Her class had a stuffed teddy bear named Theo, and every night a different child gets to bring him home for a "sleepover" and then answer some questions about their evening together. Ella loved her night with Theo and got such a big kick of documenting their adventure.

To translate her answers below, for the question "After school, Theo and I"...Ella's answer: fed him, played with him

"For dinner we ate"...Ella's answer: salad, ravioli, chicken

Easter painting...I love this one, a true keeper!!

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Mom said...

That's awesome! She's so smart. The one that says "Mommy" is my favorite.