Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Visit to NC

The last week of April I went back to NC for my first work trip, and I took Ella with me so we could extend it into a family visit weekend. We left first thing on Wednesday morning and flew into Charlotte and Dad and Donna picked us up at the airport. They took Ella to their house, while I went to Fayetteville for two days for an event my company was holding.  

Steve had been stationed at Fort Bragg, so we lived there from 2001-2003, and I haven't been back since. The nostalgic part of me was excited to drive through our old stomping grounds, and I took a little detour to our old neighborhood to see the house we used to live in. 

Twinflower Court

Here it is, quite the little mansion :)

Now that I work from home, I appreciate seeing my colleagues a lot more than when I used to see them in the office every day. One day in early April I drove into Houston for an event and saw a bunch of people from our Austin office, and this was the first time I had seen several people from my office - it was so nice to see everyone and the event went really well. 

Dad and Donna took great care of Ella and she really enjoyed her time with them. Ella told me her favorite parts of her trip were taking Chico on walks, trips to the playground, and riding in the golf cart. She asked me later if we could get a golf cart, I had to break the news to her that it's not in the cards for us right now :)

I drove back on Friday afternoon and got to spend Friday and Saturday with Dad and Donna. It was great to spend the time with them and catch up on everything we've been up to since our move. On Friday night we went to a 5k that Donna was running in. Ella's favorite part was the goodies for the runners at the end.

Getting some drinks with Grandma

Big smile with her new whistle (around her wrist)
Ella and Grandad chasing Chico on Saturday
Taking the little guy for a walk

Pretending to drive the golf cart

When we left Dad and Donna's on Saturday, we drove up to Charlotte to see Erin, Josh, and Cameron. It was so good to see Erin and Josh, and Ella and Cameron were just adorable together. Also, Cameron was beyond sweet, so happy and precious, and gave me lots of hugs and kisses which was just awesome!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Ella and Cameron, playing together in his ball pit

They were so cute together and played the whole time

After his bowl of black beans!

Big hugs!

Bath time

Ella reading to Cameron...I love how this picture looks like Cameron is so studiously listening to Ella read...very deceiving :)

Beach hunk!

Could they be any cuter???

On Sunday afternoon we went to Freedom Park for a picnic 

And, they're off!

Beautiful girl and beautiful scenery :)

We flew back on Sunday night and Ella gave me a run for my money on the trip home, but it was well worth it for a really great weekend and visit with family!


Aunt Erin said...

Precious. I feel like "born this way" needed a shout out! :)

Colleen said...

Erin, you are so right!

Has Cameron been going through Chimpunks-withdrawal? :0)

Mom said...

What great pix! They are so precious together, they couldn't be cuter. Where did Ella get that "cat face?"

Dad said...

Chico misses being chased by Ella. Great photos of Cameron & Ella! Thanks for stopping by!!!