Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Fling

Ella's school had their Spring Fling event last Friday night. It's a fundraiser for a two local charities, and there were lots of games and other things for the kids to do.  

Ella did the football toss many times - she especially liked getting to pick her prize out of the bucket after every turn

The school has a splash pad that they built at the end of last summer that the kids will get to use during water play over the summer, and they turned it on for the first time at the Spring Fling. 

It was definitely the highlight of the night for Ella and I am really excited for her that she'll get to enjoy a mini water  park right at her school all summer!

Getting her hair spray painted - she asked for 'rainbow'

Happy girl :)


Mom said...

That looks so cool! A splash pad at school! It looks like she's loving Texas. Xo

Aunt Erin said...

Those are some amazing dance moves!!