Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Trip to the Beach

We decided to go to the beach for the day on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day. We went to church and then headed out around noon. We're about 45 minutes from Galveston Island, and it's really neat, you just park alongside the road and there's the beach!

Ready to hit the beach

It was a perfect sunny day and so relaxing and fun. Because it's the Gulf of Mexico instead of the ocean, the water is pretty warm and the waves aren't very big, so it was great for Ella.

I even took a nap for a bit while Steve and Ella played in the water, can't beat that!

My favorite part of the day on the beach is always once the beach starts to clear out and the sun begins to set, and I never want to leave...Sunday was no exception and we stayed later than we had planned just enjoying our time.

We left the beach and headed to dinner at "Boudreaux's on the Bayou"...we had to google what a bayou was because I thought it was just a Cajun word for bay but is actually a whole different body of water  (you learn something every day!)

We sat overlooking the bayou and had a beautiful view.

Beautiful ending to a wonderful day!

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Mom said...

That looks so cool. The pix are great and the sunset is GORGEOUS! How terrific that it's 45 minutes away.