Thursday, May 31, 2012

She's swimming!

The past few weeks Ella hasn't wanted to wear her swim vest in the water because she wants to be a big kid when she's swimming and she has decided that it's not very big kid to wear it.

She's very cautious about going under water and so without her vest on, she holds the wall a lot and stays close to the steps, and mostly wants to be in the 3 feet deep where she can stand (or even better, with one of us holding her :)).

Each time we go to the pool we try to encourage her to do more under water to get more comfortable.
She completely surprised us this last weekend when she put the pieces together and started swimming for a few seconds at a time!

Check out this video of her actually swimming on her own -

I'm so proud of her, I love when she accomplishes new things, especially when it's a goal that she's set her mind on reaching.

She asked to take swim lessons, and so I signed her up for a summer swim class that starts next week. I think the timing is perfect and she's really ready to learn; I can't wait to see how she does!


Dad said...

Hey Ella - Congratulations! You're doing great in the water and swimming! Yeah Ella!!!

Mom said...

Oh, that's awesome!!! What a little champ!