Saturday, May 12, 2012

Picture Post

Some cute pictures from the last few weeks - 

All dressed up for a walk with Cory - everyone needs a purse, bracelets and boots for a walk in the neighborhood, right?

Fun at the pool

At Clear Lake Park - this park is so neat, it's right on the water with amazing views of the bay

Playing in the sand at our apartment complex

Jumping on Jake's new trampoline

So cute painting 

Showing off the bracelets and anklets we made

One of Steve's bosses had us over for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. They have several grandchildren that live nearby, so their backyard was full of kids stuff, it was like a playground for Ella, she had a blast. 

Down by the creek

Little cutie in her "cheetah pants" - these are her favorites right now


Mom said...

How cute! I LOVE the pool pix. You caught her in mid-air!

Aunt Erin said...

Love the cheetah pants!! So adorable!