Monday, April 23, 2012

First Field Trip

Ella had her first school field trip a few weeks ago! One thing that I am excited about her new school is that starting with the Pre-K class, they get to go on field trips.

They went to a strawberry farm nearby to pick strawberries. She was looking forward to the strawberry picking, but even more excited that she was going to get to ride on a school bus to get to the farm.

She told me all about the bus ride and who she got to sit with, and how the best part was when they went over the railroad tracks. Of course, aside from the fun of the bus ride, they managed to pick some strawberries once they got to their actual destination :)

I would've liked to have gone but had a few work calls that would've been hard to rearrange, so I trusted that she was in good hands with her teachers, and would have a good time with her buddies. She had a great time and here are a few pictures that her teachers took -

Empty strawberry bucket after her after-school strawberry snack :)

First field trip success!

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The Valentines said...

Ella is such a cutie!! Hope and pray you guys are doing well!! :)xoxo