Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Although Ella does about 100 things every day that I find interesting, she really outdid herself tonight. We were playing with her toys and her eye caught a book (The Busy Spider) near the bottom of her basket of toys. She really wanted it though and worked hard, dug it out of the basket under a bunch of toys, and I thought 'oh how sweet, she wants me to read to her'.

So, I happily scooped up Ella and the book, put her in my lap, opened the book, and started to read. She had other plans though! She squirmed away from me and went right up to the couch, where Sammy was sleeping. She took the book - stood up leaning on the couch - opened the book, and started "reading" to Sammy! It was absolutely amazing. She held it open, narrated, and shared it with him for about a minute.

It was so cool because it shows that she actually understands what reading is, that she was imitating us reading to her, and perhaps cutest of all - was sharing a book with her buddy Sammy. What a sweet little babydoll!!!!

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Mom said...

So Precious!!! What an angel!