Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Here are some pics from our adventures this weekend - nothing too exciting but we had a beautiful weekend and lots to do.

Ready for gym on Saturday morning! Photobucket

You'll see that Ella is wearing shorts or a dress in every picture this weekend. That is because, in an effort to step up Ella's walking attempts, I decided as long as it's warm enough, she's going to wear nothing covering her knees, so that crawling won't be so enjoyable.

Well - she showed me! Here is her new way of crawling that she started this weekend -I do not see how that is more comfortable than walking, but as usual her problem solving abilities seem to be hard at work!

We went to the playground on Saturday afternoon with a friend and her baby girl. It's funny because since Ella has been facing front in the car, I am always looking to see her while I'm driving and catch her making the most serious, pensive faces while I'm driving. Here is one I caught on the way to the park - Photobucket

Playing in the sandbox Photobucket (her favorite thing - she was NOT in a swings or slide mood that day)

Whew! Time for a water break Photobucket

Once we got home she kicked up her feet after snack time Photobucket

Later on we were on the deck and she went right for the music, and now knows which one is the power button Photobucket

Here's a video clip of her amazing button-pressing abilities!

On Sunday after her nap we went to a little neighborhood party for gold-melting (where you sell old gold that you don't wear anymore) and here is Ella all dressed and ready to go -

It must have been quite a good nap, judging by that crazy hairdo, so I decided to try my hand at a little Pebbles ponytail
Unfortunately it ended up more sumo-wrestler than the adorable little pony I was going for, so I'll have to give it another try soon. I stuck with a bow instead!


Anonymous said...

Re: Ella's "push button capabilities", maybe she'll be a mechanic! If she is, she'll be the cutest mechanic!


Mom said...

Colleen - she is even more beautiful and resourceful than the last time I saw her. I think shorts/dress is a good idea. I was thinking that when the pants legs are long, they hang her up. I never saw the "non-knee crawl" resourceful.