Sunday, February 3, 2008

Steve's Birthday

Steve turned 31 on January 30th - he said he wanted "a night with his girls" - we celebrated by our first trip out to lunch and dinner with Ella. I brought her to meet some of his co-workers and then we had Japanese; she had fallen asleep on the car ride on the way to Steve's work, then she stayed asleep through lunch and didn't wake up until we got home. The waitresses at the restaurant checked on us way more often than necessary and gave us 2 free appetizers - it pays to have an adorable baby in tow!

That night we went out to dinner and had Mexican - it waas so loud in the restaurant but she didn't wake up at all until, like clockwork, she woke up 3 hrs after I had last fed her. Steve held her for a while and managed to keep her from getting upset, but we did have to hurry home and feed her. It was awesome seeing how portable she is and it was so easy to take her with us.

Here is the birthday boy and his baby


Dad said...

Great photo of the "birthday boy & his little girl"!!! Did Ella enjoy her 1st Mexican dinner?

Colleen said...

Thanks Dad! We like to think she enjoyed it :0).