Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ella is 6 Weeks Old - February 16

Ella turned 6 weeks old yesterday! The most amazing thing this week was that on Friday night, she slept from midnight until 7:00 am...I woke up a few times wondering when she'd wake up, and although she stirred and made some noises, she didn't actually wake up until 7 am. So Steve and I got 7 whole hours of sleep - a major first! She went to bed earlier last night and so she did wake up during the night, but it's really nice to know that she's able to go for a really long stretch.

She smiled a lot this week, and not just in the mornings. On Friday I was holding her and Steve walked into her vision and said hi and smiled at her, and she smiled back at him; it was so sweet. She does still smile the most in the mornings. Now I'm able to sit her up in the boppy on the bed while I get ready in the bathroom and I can see her the whole time and she'll just quietly look around.

Her arm movements are much less jerky and she is somewhat purposefully using her hands. She'll swipe at our faces and can curl her hand around our fingers with intent instead of reflexively.

Valentine's Day was on Thursday and Ella received her first mail! Aunt Erin sent a Valentine's card and an adorable sundress as well as a book that we can put photos in to show her how many people love her. And Steve had a Valentines teddy bear sent to our house for her (and 2 dozen beautiful roses for me!!) - so she had a great 1st Valentine's Day :).

Wednesday the 12th


Check out that hairdo!

Me and my girl



Anonymous said...

makes me teary - you both are so beautiful!

Colleen said...

Awwww thanks Mom!!