Friday, November 2, 2012

Trip to NC

Once again I am very behind in my blogging, and have so much to catch up on!

In early October Ella and I went to NC to visit family in Charlotte, and so that I could go to my office for a few days.  Ella was beyond excited and could think of nothing else for the weeks leading up to our trip. We were able to see Mom and Glenn, Dad and Donna, and Erin, Josh and Cameron  And it was even more special because Gee-Gee came in for the weekend. 

Reunited at long last!!

These two are really just the cutest together, they are inseparable buddies and love each other so much.

On Saturday we did our first pre-Halloween activity and headed to a pumpkin patch.

Later that day, having more fun together, chasing bubbles and bouncing

On Sunday we went to Dad and Donna's and had a great time with them, and of course Ella and Cameron continued their fun. 

Getting a push on the swings from Grandad

Feeding the fish

Being silly with Grandma and Grandad

This was so sweet - Ella with her arm around Cameron rubbing his back on the couch

On Sunday afternoon, decorating pumpkins from the pumpkin patch


Great picture of Mom, Glenn, Gee Gee and Ella

Sidewalk chalk with Grampy 

I drove over to Raleigh on Sunday evening, and then Mom and Glenn took Ella and Cameron to Great Wolf Lodge on Monday to continue the party weekend!

Mom and Ella had two days together at Great Wolf Lodge for some very fun Grammy-Ella time.

Storytime with Violet

With "Bones" - Ella loves skeletons and they couldn't pass up this amazing deal :)

When they got back on Wednesday afternoon, Mom took Ella to pick Cameron up from school -- could they be any more precious?!
It was so nice knowing that Ella was having such a wonderful time while I got in a few days in the office (and some great time with girlfriends in the evenings!) I drove back to Charlotte on Wednesday after work, and then we flew home on Thursday afternoon. As always we were sad to leave, but happy to get home to Steve and so glad to have been able to go and have such a wonderful time seeing everyone. 

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