Monday, November 19, 2012


 It seemed we were celebrating Halloween for about a month before Halloween was really here, but the official day finally arrived and we had a very excited little girl on her hands.

At school that morning, dressed as skull witch of course (plus her beloved Hello Kitty sweatshirt)

I went to school in the afternoon for her class party, here she is coloring with her friends -

We were home by 4pm and she could barely wait to trick-or-treat so we did some more porch decorating and she got our candy bowl ready.

Luckily Steve got off of work early so we had an early dinner and then were ready for action. And the little lady finally wore her rainbow costume!

Here she is with Bones, dressed as Skull Witch for the evening. Bones was in charge of passing out Halloween candy while we went trick-or-treating.

Can you tell she is excited???
And we're off!

She enjoyed trick-or-treating but was a little more shy this year than last. There was one house where there were 2 teenage boys out front manning a candy table, and she turned right around and wouldn't go up to them! When she did warm up to people answering their doors she had lots of questions and comments as usual. She always told Steve and I where we were supposed to stand as she walked up to each house.

After about an hour, she decided she wanted to head home and pass out candy more than she wanted to keep trick-or-treating. We had to walk home a few streets and she kept saying "okay ONE more house and then we'll go home"...and then we'd get to the next house and she'd say it again. We finally made it back but it was after 8pm by then and we only had a few more kids, but she was very ready and enjoyed passing out the candy. She even let them pick themselves out of the bowl this year!

Hands on her hips, impatiently waiting for the next group...

Sampling her candy
Ella loves everything about each and every holiday, and she makes them so much fun. It was a great Halloween 'season' and the next day she said "is Halloween really over?? Ohhh, it seems so short" - ha! 

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