Friday, September 28, 2012

Picture Post

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last month or so, our last few weeks in the apartment and first few weeks since we've moved. 

Ella's first night of her new gymnastics class

Aunt Erin sent a surprise - a cute Hello Kitty necklace for Ella (here she is holding it, and notice the shirt she happened to be wearing the day it arrived!)

The necklace came in this little decorative box, and I discovered she was sleeping with it the next morning

Looking adorable

Fun in the (not-so-hot) hot tub one day last week after dinner

I went to her school for their cultural day where they made a "unity circle" and sang "It's a Small World" many times. Here she is with one of her best buddies from school.

Having lots of fun at a slip-and-slide birthday party

At another birthday party, swinging with Jake (I love their expressions!)

Driving around

Looking precious, yet again in a Hello Kitty shirt (I promise, she has a whole dresser full of shirts but has a very short-list of her "favorites"!!)

A 'first' - she colored a picture for a boy in her class. I was very surprised. She told me she wanted to make him a picture, wrote his name on it and everything and then brought them to him the next day. When I picked her up, the first thing she told me was how much he liked her picture and that he wanted her to make him another one - YIKES!

Pretty sunrise in the neighborhood when I was walking Cory one morning

Successful trip to the dentist -- no cavities and a goody bag!

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Mom said...

Awesome! Who is this boy? Be sure to get a W2 before this goes any further.