Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Picture Post

Some more pictures from the weeks leading up to Halloween --
She never gets tired of the pool :)
Precious little angel sleeping with her treasure box from Grammy

Having fun with Jake
Swinging at the playground in our neighborhood. She's at the point now with her swinging where we can swing next to each other and she doesn't really need any pushes!
Taco Night for our playgroup

Relaxing with James after a busy night
 "Happy Halloween" banner
Bones going for a dip in the pool

Dr. Ella, patching him up

Halloween treats from Grandma and Grandad

Painting eyeballs and witch fingers
Cookie ghosts and witch hats made by Grammy and Ella (and eyeballs and witch fingers mixed in with our pumpkins and gourds!)
This was so sweet. She was sitting with her babydoll on her lap and reading out loud to her, so adorable!

Princess Pumpkin

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