Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Party

Here are some cute pictures from a Halloween party we went to a few weeks ago. 

This was Ella's "back-up" costume which she ended up wearing no less than six times before Halloween - as she calls it, she's a "skull witch."

So cute on the slide with Phoebe

Painted face - with a skull of course!

Little cuties

The girl who Ella is with in this picture, she had just met at the party, but really hit it off with her. On the way home she said to me "Oh Mommy, I really wish that Olivia was my sister." I said "she couldn't be your sister, I am way too young to be her mom."  Ella's reply: "Sorry Mommy, if she was my sister, you'd have to be."  Ha, defeated by my 4 year old's logic once again!

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Mom said...

It's so great that she is loving her new home and making friends. She's really settled in well. I asked her if she liked Texas. She said "I really like Texas, but I still appreciate North Carolina."
"Appreciate" ???? Wow!