Monday, November 5, 2012


Mom, Ella and I went to the Houston Arboretum the Saturday before Halloween for ArBOOretum, their Halloween event. The Arboretum is really neat, it's in a downtown office area, but it feels like you're in the middle of a forest, and the festival was awesome and we all had a really good time.

Of course Ella opted to wear her skull witch again instead of her rainbow costume

Matching witches! They were so cute together and everyone especially loved Mom's pink eyelashes.

It was really cool out, so it felt like a true fall day. It's still in the mid-80s most days so it was really nice to have what I think of as REAL fall weather. Although for my little southern girl, she was freezing and couldn't believe how cold it was :) 

Fishing game with Grammy
The possum hop

Bug tunnel
I love this picture, two peas in a pod
On the zip line
Very happy about her painted pumpkin face

Decorating a pumpkin
She loved checking out the microscope in the nature center, she spent about 15 minutes looking at all different slides, I was impressed by her attention span and how interested she was

A perfect fall day!

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Mom said...

It WAS perfect! What a great "treat" it was to have such a fun time with my little grandbaby witch. I'm a lucky Grammy!