Friday, March 18, 2011

Trip to Maryland

We went to Maryland this weekend to visit Steve's side of the family, it was great to see everyone. We got to Steve's Dad's house on Friday night and Teresa came over for the night - Ella had so much fun playing with her and then they had a sleepover on Friday night. Ella stayed in her room the whole night, we were impressed, and Teresa got to discover the joy of sleeping with a 3-year old :).

Big hug for Aunt Tesie

On Saturday morning we went over to Steve's Uncle Carlos and Aunt Suzanne's house. They have several grandchildren and so they were well prepared for our visit! It was really nice to see them and Ella really enjoyed her time with Tia Suzanne.

Having fun with Grampy and Grandma Carole

Throwing rocks in the creek with Grampy. We had nice weather and Ella loves being outside and throwing rocks, so this was a hit!

Tree climbing with Steve...she always says she wants to "climb trees" but then once she gets up there, she's not so sure she likes it!

Pretty girl

Making breakfast with Grampy. Ella cracked eggs and stirred, she loves to help in the kitchen.

We had another reason for our trip as well, that was to visit Steve's Uncle Doug, who was very sick and passed away yesterday. We were able to see him on both Friday and Sunday. Steve and his Uncle Doug were very close and we will all miss him. I am glad we were able to visit with him this weekend and say goodbye.


The Tooles said...

When I read about Ella, I feel like I am reading about my own daughter. I swear those two would be a hit together. Sorry to hear about Steve's Uncle. We just went through that ourselves with Justin's grandmother...we were glad we got to say goodbye too.

sharon said...

What a blessing that you were able to have time with Doug. And what a blessing that Ella has such a big loving family!