Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Update

Thank you for the sweet and caring comments on my last post, we really appreciate the prayers and kind words. I wanted to give a quick update on Ella. By the end of the night on Friday her leg was hurting again, but she was fine when she woke up on Saturday morning, and has been great all weekend. The top of her hand is bruised from the IV and has been bothering her, mainly just putting a shirt on and off, but I'm assuming that should heal in a few more days.

Steve went up to MD and VA for his Uncle's funeral, so it was just Ella and I this weekend. We took it VERY easy, and barely even left the house except for the grocery store yesterday and church today.

Last night Ella had us play a long game of 'sick animals' (with her many stuffed animals) that had to go to the doctor. Some kept coughing and that's why they had to go, and some had ouchies on their legs and couldn't walk and had to go to the "hop-si-tal" and get a shot, and they didn't get lollipops after. It's amazing how much I learn about how she experiences things and remembers them, from listening to what she says while she's playing.

Anyway, I definitely think a quiet weekend was good for both of us, and I think Ella will do great at school tomorrow!

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Mom said...

YOU are one terrific Mommy!