Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some recent memorable quotes from my little lady -

Steve was giving Ella a bath upstairs and I could hear all kinds of wild laughter and hooting and hollering. He got her out of the tub after a while and it got pretty quiet and I heard lots of loud whispering. I went upstairs to get a basket of laundry. Ella had her back to me, but heard me coming up the stairs and yelled out "Daddy, it's the monster!" Then she turned all the way and said "Oh, it's Mommy. Mommy's not a monster, she's a great girl!" It was music to my ears - I couldn't ask for anything more than for Ella to call me "a great girl" :)

We were on a walk and Cory stopped to do her business. After she finishes, she has a habit where she uses her back legs to kick up grass and whatever else is on the ground. On this morning the ground was wet, and Ella happened to be in a bad position behind her. She kicked up footfuls of mud, and it went directly into Ella's face. She shrieked, turns toward me with a face full of mud and said very sadly, "Cory kicked mud on me. She's not being friendly."

We were driving down the road and there were a few birds in the road so I started to drive very slowly so they would fly away. Ella asked what I was doing and I said there were birds in the road and she said "Oh no, we don't want to hit them! Then they will have big ouchies and their Mommies will have to come give them kisses and keep them safe." (It made me so happy that this is how she views mommies.)

We were playing store and I was the shopkeeper and Ella asked me where all the different things were and I would point them out for her to pretend to get them to buy. They were all normal store items, like "where is the milk?", "where are the snacks?", "where are the sodas?", and then all of a sudden she said "where are the pink alligators?" - ha!

On the way home from school Ella said to me "Mommy, there were seeds in my sam-wich today." I told her, "it's okay, it was just some grains from the bread." Her reply: "I don't like seeds. You need to buy me other bread at the store."

Ella wanted a cheese stick but wanted to open it herself. After a few minutes of trying she asked me to help her but I was in the middle of feeding Cory so I asked her if she could ask Steve to do it instead. She was like "nooooo Mommy, you need to open it" so I walked over to open it and at the last minute she said "Daddy you can open it! Mommy, don't worry - you're still my best friend!"

I used the word "debacle" to describe something and for some reason she was really fascinated by the sound of it, and she laughed and asked me what it meant. I wasn't sure the best explanation to give her, so I said "it's when several things go wrong in a row." About an hour later I was asking her to calm down and stop jumping so I could brush her hair and she said "sorry, no, it's a debacle."

After an exceptionally procrastination filled bedtime, we hadn't heard from Ella for about 10 minutes or so, then she started saying "Mommy, I need a kiss. Mommy, I need a kiss." (she knows this always gets me!) So I go in, she's in bed playing with a toy, wearing her watch (which she did not have on before bedtime). I saw something on right next to her lip that looked like food and I said "are you eating something?" because I just couldn't figure out what she'd have in bed. Her reply, "no Mommy, it's lipstick!" Ah, of course it's lipstick - why didn't I think of that?


Mom said...

So precious, so funny, so smart...can you remember what life was like before Ella? What a doll she is.

Dad said...

Debacle! More great Ella-isms! Cute & very smart! Great combo!

Aunt Tesie said...

Ella is such a firecracker. Carm and I still laugh about Ella telling me "Aunt Tesie, you are a really silly girl."