Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Big Girl

We had another first today. Ella can be very shy and is generally very attached to me when we're in new or unusual places. She warms up after a little bit, but is still typically a lot more secure and comfortable the closer I am to her.

Well, today we were getting her 3-year and Easter pictures taken, and there was a table with a bunch of legos on it that she wanted to play at and build. She wanted me to sit next to her and build the legos with her, and so I sat in a little chair (that was way too small for me) and we played legos for a while.

After about 10 minutes or so, another little girl came over, and said "hi, what's your name?"; Ella said, "Ella. What's yours?"; The girl said "I'm Isabella. I'm 3." Ella said, "I'm three years old! We're all 3!" Then the little girl said "Can I play with you?" and Ella started handing legos over to her and said "sure you can, we can both build." I was so proud of her for being so friendly and willing to share the toys.

They had a little conversation and played for about 2 minutes and then Ella said to me "Mommy, you watch us play. You go sit over there." I couldn't believe it! Not only was she being friendly and playing with a new little buddy but she wanted me to leave so they could play by themselves! I went and sat in a chair right behind her and she said "No Mommy, you sit over there" and pointed to another chair a little further away. They talked and had fun and played really nicely together; and I was so pleased with her being so independent, such a big girl!


Dad said...

Ella's growing up on you! That's what big girls do!

Aunt Erin said...

So sweet! Just wait until she thinks everything you do is embarrassing!

The Tooles said...

Way to go Ella! Hopefully, you got banished to a chair that your butt doesn't get stuck in. I swear I could stand up in the chairs from our library with the chair still attached to my back end!